Fuel System

Restore engine performance with Gumout Professional Fuel System Cleaning ServiceŽ Do you remember when you bought your car? Do you recall how the engine roared to life when you started it up? Or how it responded with power when you stepped on the pedal and gave it some gas? That's a nice memory, isn't it?

Well perhaps it's not sounding so good or responding so well these days. If that's the case, you may need to give it some help. No, not a major engine re-build. Chances are, it doesn't need serious repair. Just a little professional attention.

The problem is the fuel system.

Fuel-injection has been one of the biggest advances in engine technology in the last 30 years. It provides more power, improves fuel efficiency, and reduces exhaust emissions. Unfortunately, these modern systems can still get dirty and hinder performance. When your vehicle starts knocking and pinging, stalling and hesitating, it's usually a dirty fuel system causing the problems. In most cases, deposits build up on the fuel injectors and intake valves, and also form in the combustion chambers and air intake system.

The professional solution.

The Gumout Professional-Only Fuel System Cleaning ServiceŽ is a three-step procedure that will help restore the power and performance that you remember when your car was newer. The service features an air intake cleaner, a liquid intake cleaner and a fuel system cleaner. Fuel injector deposits distort the shape and consistency of the fuel entering the combustion chamber.

On port-fuel injected (PFI) vehicles, deposits also tend to form on and around the throttle valve in the throttle body, which is located in the air intake system. These deposits interrupt and reduce air flow, which is critical particularly during initial engine start up, idle and acceleration.

The Gumout Professional-Only Fuel System Cleaning ServiceŽ addresses all these problems, helping to rid your engine of these performance-robbing deposits. You should notice very quickly an improvement in power, a smoother running engine, and better overall performance. So ask your mechanic about the Gumout Professional-Only Fuel System Cleaning ServiceŽ, and get your car running like new again.

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